• What are your rules on returns?
    Yes, our customer being happy is what really matters to us. So if we fall short of having your 100% approval and satisfaction, you can decide on a refund (which is less the shipping) or you can go for a free exchange and get another totally awesome tee which is more in line with your tastes.
    1. When can I expect to receive my orders?

      Because all designs and tees are made on order, please allow for a week or two to through your order. Note that currently we’re limited to shipping inside of the US and Canada.


    1. How would I know I have requested the right size?

      This is a question on everyone’s minds but one which few actually ask. Free yourself of any doubt by tallying your picks with our size graph for reference. This way you not only enjoy a peace of mind but it also spares you on transportation costs by requesting the right size on the first run.
    2. How do I use my promo code?

      As a new visitor to our site and having liked a media channel of ours or signed up; you’ll

    In case you're another client and you have opted for our pop-up offer to:

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    You will be sent a 10% promo code for your first buy. A sincere suggestion: Buy in bulk to get the most out of this coupon because average discounts don’t go past $5! The more you buy the proportionate the savings! Codes are to be entered at checkout. Any issues can be resolved by contacting us


    1. What do I get out of opting into your Newsletter?

      Not counting the whopping 10% off on the first buy, a subscriber gains exclusive access to upcoming items and trends, monthly specials and items on special discount and much more. Besides, we have a lot in store this 2015; why miss out on all the fun?